Analytical Equipments

  • Colony Counter Microprocessor based



    1. Readout from 0-9999999 counts
    2. Counts Correction Facility
    3. Soft Touch Keypad
    4. Auto Marker pen
    5. Uniform Glare Free Illustration
    6. LCD display

    Colony Counters are used to estimate a liquid culture’s density of micro organisms by counting individual colonies on an agar plate, slide, mini gel, petri dish. Typical application includes Ames testing, Bacterial Mutation, Assays and E.Coli bacterial colonies.

    Colony Counters are used in various research laboratories including;

    Life sciences, Cell and Molecular biology

    Pharmaceutical Research

    Environmental Testing

    Academic Laboratories  and more

  • Digital Rotational Viscometer



    1. High Quality Stepping Motor
    2. Auto Range Function
    3. Time Function
    4. Sound Alarm at under 20% Torque
    5. LCD display with backlight
    6. Selectable speed
    7. A wide measuring range in a single instrument
  • Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner



    • Inner tank & Outer body made of Stainless Steel – SS304 Grade
    • Sloped bottom- for easy drain
    • Rust and corrosion proof
    • Uniform and Constant output
    • Digital red LED Display
    • Digital Timer & Temperature Function
    • Feather Touch Key board
    • Moisture proof PCB

    Ultrasonic Cleaner operates at 40kHz frequency. These high frequency sound waves convert the electrical energy into ultrasonic waves in the form of vibration by means of PEIZO transducers. The Accumulation of ultrasonic waves produces millions of microscopic cavitation bubbles. These cavitation bubbles drives the cleaning solution into components to be cleaned, removing away all the dirt and accumulated residues on them.


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  • Ice Maker Desktop



    1. 3 different size ICE cubes ( S, M, L) selectable
    2. CFC free Compressor
    3. Noiseless Operation
    4. ICE full indicator
    5. Add water indicator & Power indicator
    6. Automatic Run and Easy to use
    7. Compact Design and low maintanence
    8. Ice Basket & Scoop for easy Ice cube removal
  • Probe Sonicator (Homogenizer)



    QUICKLAB Probesonicator Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. In biological applications, Probe Sonicator is often used to disrupt cell membrances and release cellular Contents. Probe Sonicator is also used to fragment molecules of DNA. Probe sonicator is commonly used in nanotechnology for evenly dispersing nanoparticles in liquids and for breaking down particles to nano size.

    Salient Features

    • Microprocessor controlled and completely Programmable.
    • Auto – tunning and power control convenience for user.
    • Digital LED Display with Time setting
    • Piezoelect r ic f requency energy conver ter : Lead zirconatetitanate (PZT ) Pyroelectricceramics.
    • Temperature Indicator and Controller
    • Variable Power Output Control.
    • Standard Probe : Titanium alloy material
    • Auto frequency chasing.
  • Probe Sonicator 650W



    Ø  Microprocessor controlled and completely Programmable

    Ø  Auto-tunning and power control convenience for user

    Ø  Digital LCD 3.5 “ TFT Display

    Ø  Function: Temperature, Power, Time

    Ø  Integrated all-in-one Machine

    Ø  The host and sound-proof enclosure are built as a single unit

    Ø  Protection Alarm: Over Temperature, Over current, Overload, Transducer abnormality etc.,

    Ø  Standard Probe: Titanium Alloy Material