Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Quickem 100- fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer



    Quickem – 100

    F U L L Y A U T O B I O C H E M S I T R Y A N A L Y Z E R ( 1 0 0 T E S T / H O U R )



    Benchtop, Floor Model optional

    Throughput: Random access, 100 T/ H ( constant speed)

    Probe, Sample and reagent Position: 2 Probes, 25 Reagent Position, 25 Sample Position, 50 Reaction Cuvettes

    Cooling system: Onboard cooling by ON/ OFF switch

    Washing and optical system: 8 steps washing and 9 wavelengths     Minimum Reaction volume: 150 ul, Cost per test very low

    Water Consumption: Less than 4 L/ Hour under working status

    The high accurate optical system, Automatic eligible Cuvettes detection, and selection

  • Quickem 200 fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer



    • Model : Bench top, Floor Model optional
    • Throughput: Random access, 200T/H (constant speed)
    • Probe, Sample and reagent Position: 2 Probes, 40 Reagent Position, 40 Sample Position,
    • Cuvettes: 50 Reaction Cuvettes
    • Cooling system: On board cooling by ON/OFF switch
    • Washing and optical system: 8 steps washing system, and 9 wavelengths
    • Minimum Reaction volume : 150ul , Cost per test very low
    • Water Consumption: Less than 4L/Hour under working status
    • High accurate optical system, Automatic eligible Cuvettes detection and selection
    • Positions: 40 reagent position , 40 sample position,
    • On board cooling for Reagents
    • Reagent Volume : 150ul to 500ul
    • Sample Volume : 2 to 50ul
    • Probe: Reagent and Sample dispense probe, sample mixing probe,
    • Micro – Pipette with level Sensor
    • Collision protection
    • Heavy Pump Motor
    • Maintenance free sealed filters with optical fibers
    • User Friendly Software Easy to Operate
    • Monitor Function Offline/online reaction curve display
    • Operation status by run monitor
    • Auto rerun with sample dilution
    • Barcode Reader and USB Printer


  • Quickem Max -Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer



    • Programmed to analyse Endpoint, Fixed time and Kinetic assays
    • Storage for 200 user programmable test methods and 10000 test results
    • Create up to 10 customised test profiles
    • 48 dedicated assays Direct access keys
    • Low reagent consumption, Low maintenance
    • High precision peristaltic pump Non corrosive tubing ensures long life and accurate aspiration
    • Aspiration air gap and auto empty function after each sample runMinimal chances of carry over
    • High quality surface coating ensures long Filter life
    • Halogen Quartz tungsten lamp (6V, 10Watt) Extended lamp life
    • Lamp life saving model (programmable sleep interval)
    • Real time graph is displayed on screen and can be printed
    • High quality Quartz Fow cell for precise measurements
    • Minimum aspiration volume – 300μl
    • 5.7 Inch LCD display screen
    • Consistent and reliable results
    • Indian design and manufacturing
    • RS 232 Port • USB Port
    • PC Connectivity (optional)


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  • Quickem Mini – 120 Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer


    **Applicable only for Indian Buyers:

    Price shown in RUPEES is inclusive of GST 18% , You will get the GST bifurcated details in the Tax Invoice.

    System Function:
    General: Benchtop, automatic, discrete, random access, STAT sample priority
    Throughput: Up to 120 tests per hour
    Principle: Colorimetry and turbidimetry
    Method: End-point, fixed-time, kinetic, etc.
    Programming: Open or closed system on demand
    Reagent/Sample handling
    Reagent: 54 reagent positions
    Sample: 27 sample positions
    Reagent Volume: 10-300 μL, step by 1 μL
    Sample Volume: 1-70 μL, step by 0.1 μL
    Liquid level detection, vertical & horizontal collision detection
    and reagent inventory monitoring
    Probe Cleaning: Auto interior and exterior wash
    Calibration and control:
    Calibration: K-factor, Linear, Spline, Logit-Log
    4P, Logit-Log 5P, Exponential, Polynomial
    Control: Westgard multi-rule, Cumulative sum check,
    Twin plot, L-J Chart
    Operation system:
    Computer: Built-in operation system
    Screen: 10.4 inch color touch screen
    Data Storage: 100,000 results
    Printer: Built-in and external printer
    Others: Soft keyboard Compatible with keyboard and mouse
    Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232, VGA, HDMI, etc
    Water Consumption: ≤ 1.5 L/H
    Reaction Tray: 81 reusable cuvettes,
    Wavelength: 8 wavelengths: 340nm, 405nm,
    450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm
    Absorbance: 0-4.5 Abs

  • Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer – Quickem Pro


    Product Description

    • Multifunctional Incubator
    • Large Storage space, support LIS access
    • Rich analytical methods and calibration mode.
    • Using colorimetric and turbid detection methods.
    • 7-inch color display, touch screen
  • Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer – Quickem Pro


    The device measures biochemical indexes by analyzing blood and other body fluid, then combines with other clinical information, to help diagnose disease, evaluate organs function, identify disease gene and determine the norm for future therapy.