cardic ultrasound devices

  • CD30 – Premium Color Doppler Ultrasound System


    Premium Color Doppler Ultrasound System

    AeroSCAN continues to step forward to add value and efficiency to ultrasound technology.

    The CD30 was designed as a user-friendly platform to address the current and future needs

    in women’s healthcare. The ergonomic design and mobility of the CD30 are not only

    convenient for doctors, but also help provide comfort for patients during examinations.

    Backed by the proven technologies of AeroSCAN, CD30 is committed to providing you a new

    generation of high image quality, especially in detecting abnormalities or small lesions to

    enhance the accuracy and consistency of the diagnosis.

    Technical Specifications: CD30

    Imaging Mode B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B/D, Color Doppler Imaging, Power Doppler Imaging,

    Directional Doppler, PW/ CW Doppler, THI, Real Time Dual ,Duplex,Triplex,

    TDI,Anatomical M Mode,4D

    Scanning Mode Electronic Convex / Linear / Phased Array/ volume

    Gray Scale 256

    Display 19” LED Display Monitor

    Probe Frequency Broad band 4 frequency selection, Working frequency 2MHz – 15MHz

    Probe Connector 4 (standard) + 1 Pencil Probe Connector

    Gain Control Overall Gain Control, 8 – Step TGC continuously adjustable

    Image Reverse Left/Right, Up/Down

    Image Magnification Upto 10X Smart zoom

    Cine Loop More than 1000 frames (Probe and Mode Dependent)

    Image Storage Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage, Inbuilt CD/DVD Drive

    Connectivity USB,LAN Networking, DICOM 3.0,S-Video,VGA , Video, Remote print,

    System Upgrade Flexible System upgrade through software

    Clinical Application Abdominal, Vascular, Thyroid, Obs/Gyn, MSK, Adult/Peadiatric Cardiac,

    Urology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Head, Small parts, Transcranial etc.

    Probes Convex / Linear / Micro Convex /Phased Array/Trans Vaginal / Transrectal / TEE,

    Volume Convex