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  • Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer – Quickcell Plus Neo

    • Throughput : 60 samples/hour
    • Principle: Impedance for WBC, RBC, PLT Cyanide-free method for HGB
    • Parameters: 22 parameters including WBC, Neu#, Lym#, Mid#, Neu%, Lym%, Mid%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW-CV, PDW-SD, PCT, P-LCR and P-LCC Histograms 3 histograms (WBC, RBC, PLT) & Alarm for abnormal results
    • Reagent: Diluent: 20L, Lyse: 500ml & Probe cleanser: 50ml
    • Print: Auto-print, Manual print
    • Communication: Support Bi-directional LIS
    • Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, etc.
    • Input and output: 10-inch touchscreen
    • Internal printer, support external printer
    • Interface: USB port, Network port
    • Storage: 50000 Results with Histograms
    • Blockage clear: High voltage, high-pressure flush
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  • Quickcell 5 Plus 5 part Hematology Analyzer


                 Quick cell 5 Plus is an innovative, economical, compact hematology analyzer using advanced tri-angle laser scattering, flow cytometry technology that can be applied for detecting the parameters of WBC, RBC, PLT, HGB, etc. 28 parameters, 8 research parameters, and 2 histograms for RBC and PLT, 4 scattergrams for WBC differential) in whole blood or pre-diluted blood.

    It is a perfect and cost-efficient solution for small to medium labs and clinics with limited budget space but requests accurate hematologic results.


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