vet analyzer

  • Quickcell POCT Vet- Hematology Analyzer


    POCT Vet is the FIRST & Unparalleled POCT Hematology Analyzer.

    Full Parameters: Optimized Test results with impedance methodology, providing 21 blood routine parameters + 2 specific protein measurements.

    UNIQUE POCT Joint Detection : CBC + CRP + SAA

    SAA: shows more sensitivity for Virus infection, can be adopted for Virus/ Bacteria infection differential analysis

    CRP: shows more sensitivity for Bacterial infection, can be adopted for Virus/ Bacteria infection differential analysis

    Individual Detection Kit:  No Reagents Wastage

    Throughput:  Up to 15 tests/ hour

    Principle: Impedance method for WBC/ RBC/ PLT Tests, Cyanide-free colorimetric method for HGB test, Immunonephelometric for CRP test.

    Sample Volume: 20 UL

    Sample type: Venous Whole Blood, Capillary Blood

    Results Storage: 3,00,000

    Printer: Built- in – Thermal Printer, External Printer Supported


  • Quickcell Vet Plus -3 Part Fully Auto Vet Hematology Analyzer


    Support: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Sheep, Goat, Cattle, Horse, Rat, Mouse, Llama, Deer, Musk deer, Monkey, Tiger, Dolphin, Pig, Camel, Ferret.(special algorithm)

    • Throughput : 60 samples/hour
    • Principle: Impedance for WBC, RBC, PLTCyanide-free method for HGB
    • Parameters: 22 parameters including WBC,Neu#, Lym#, Mid#, Neu%, Lym%, Mid%,RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV, PDW-CV, PDW-SD,PCT, P-LCR and P-LCC Histograms 3histograms (WBC, RBC, PLT)
    • Reagent: Diluent: 20L, Lyse: 500ml & Probe cleanser: 50ml
  • Quickem POCT Vet- Dry Chemistry Analyzer


    **Applicable only for Indian Buyers:

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    Quickem POCT Vet is a fully automated chemistry analyzer designed for the on-site testing. It can provide faster, easier, more accurate medical diagnosis using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. Utilizing cloud computing, SD1 can help the operators to make medical decisions remotely. Built-in centrifuge, QR code , real-time quality control. The test results will be automatically printed after 12 minutes.


    • Sample Type : Anti-coagulation whole blood, serum, plasma
    • Sample Volume : 90-120ul
    • Bar Code : QR Code
    • Testing Time : 12 minutes/sample
    • Testing Principle : Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turbidimetry
    • Testing Method : Endpoint, kinetic, fixed time, turbidimetry, etc
    • Temperature : 37±0.3℃
    • Optical System : After the filter spectral, 8 wavelength synchronous detection: 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 600, 630, 850nm
    • Display : Android 7.0 inch 800*480, multi-point capacitive touch screen
    • Storage : 500,000 results
    • Printer : Built-in thermal printer
    • Connectors : 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port