Quickem 200 fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer

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  • Model : Bench top, Floor Model optional
  • Throughput: Random access, 200T/H (constant speed)
  • Probe, Sample and reagent Position: 2 Probes, 40 Reagent Position, 40 Sample Position,
  • Cuvettes: 50 Reaction Cuvettes
  • Cooling system: On board cooling by ON/OFF switch
  • Washing and optical system: 8 steps washing system, and 9 wavelengths
  • Minimum Reaction volume : 150ul , Cost per test very low
  • Water Consumption: Less than 4L/Hour under working status
  • High accurate optical system, Automatic eligible Cuvettes detection and selection
  • Positions: 40 reagent position , 40 sample position,
  • On board cooling for Reagents
  • Reagent Volume : 150ul to 500ul
  • Sample Volume : 2 to 50ul
  • Probe: Reagent and Sample dispense probe, sample mixing probe,
  • Micro – Pipette with level Sensor
  • Collision protection
  • Heavy Pump Motor
  • Maintenance free sealed filters with optical fibers
  • User Friendly Software Easy to Operate
  • Monitor Function Offline/online reaction curve display
  • Operation status by run monitor
  • Auto rerun with sample dilution
  • Barcode Reader and USB Printer



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Quickem 200


Assay Method : End Point, Fixed Time, Two Point, Kinetic, MultiStandard, etc.

Principle : Latex Enhanced Turbidimetric Immunoassay, Photometric (Rate/End Point)

Light Source : Halogen – Tungsten lamp with long life,

Photometric Range : 0.00 to 4.00 Abs

Wavelength : 9 Long life wavelengths in 340nm,405nm,450nm,510nm,546nm,578nm,620nm,660nm,690nm

Photometric system : Multiple wavelength, Maintenance free sealed filters with optical fibers

Probes : 2 Probes, Reagent dispense and sample mixing, 8 step auto washing system

Sample/Reagent Probe : Micro – Pipette with level Sensor, Collision


Reagent tray : 40 reagent position, Sample tray : 40 sample position,

Reaction Cuvettes : 50 reaction Cuvettes

Refrigeration : On board cooling for Reagents, Samples, Calibrators, Standards, Controls with ON/OFF switch

Reagent Volume : 150ul to 500ul, Sample Volume : 2 to 50ul, Reaction Volume 150ul to 500ul

Calibration : Maximum 20 Calibrators can be used, 6 Calibrators maximum per test,

Dilution : Auto rerun with sample dilution for grater than linearity samples, Dilution ratio 2 to 40 times

Real time reagent inventory : Displayed on screen in mL and Number of Tests

Sample container : Blood collection tube of 5mL volume, standard cup 2mL, Reagent Bottle 20mL

Quality Control : Daily and Monthly L-J Graph plots, Mean, SD, %, CV, R is calculated for each chemistry

Monitor Function : Offline/online reaction curve display, Operation status by run monitor

Temperature Control : Incubator 37 C, 24 hour nonstop cooling system for reagents

Support LIS interface, Analyzer to PC: RS232 bi directional (RS232 – USB Converter)

External Ports : Barcode Reader and USB Printer

Power supply : AC – 220V, 50 Hz,

Dimension : 560mm x 410mm x 360mm,

Weight : 30Kgs

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm