This Is The Opportunity For Freelancer Biomedical Engineers And For All Experienced Candidates Who Handled Laboratory Products, Particularly For The Product Posted On Our Website. Learning Support From Experienced People And Earning With Regular Service Calls From Your Surrounding. All The Possible Support For Service Available From Our Company. Enroll Now And Enter The Global Biomedical Engineer Network.

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*This is for a freelancer, We will contact you and share customers contact number and query. You need to attend service as quickly as possible.
*A good pay will be available for all the service calls according to the product and issue.
*We can't commit calls everyday initially, Still we will push our marketing team to get a good number of calls.
*If the work finishes successfully you will get payment in your account within 2-5 business days.
*Freelancers should not do any extra work and collect any payment from the customers. And should not supply any spare or products to the referred customer. If any problem arises from the so-called work, Company will not take any responsibility. If the company finds any misuse of a reference customer, we will cancel the freelancer with penalty.
*We are not sure to appoint you for the particular position, We can assure you once the eligibility and experience suits our company's policy.
*Since it is a freelancer job, the number of positions and working area will be as decided by Quicklab according to the service calls received.
*If your job is confirmed, you have to be ready for any brands or products posted on Quicklab's website. (also you will get all the support from company side)
*Quicklab has all the rights to appoint/fire any freelancers at any time.
*Need to pay a security deposit of 100$ (Rs 8000) once you are selected. We will send a payment link to make the deposit. The deposit will not provide any interest. And the lock in period for the freelancer is 1 year. Company has all the rights to cancel and refund the deposit at any time.