Specific Gravity Bottles-BG


specificgravity bottle. A small bottle or flask used to measure the specific gravities of liquids; the bottle is weighed when it is filled with the liquid whose specific gravity is to be determined, when filled with a reference liquid, and when empty. Also known as density bottle; relative-density bottle.

The density bottles (pycnometers) are individually adjusted. The nominal capacity is indelibly engraved on each bottle. Each bottle is calibrated with its own stopper. The volume in cm3 is specified to a precision of 3 decimal places.

SPECIFIC GRAVITY BOTTLES : With capillary bore I/C stopper
S.No Capacity Cat# Units/ Packet
1 10ml QLBG 073 1
2 25ml QLBG 074 1
3 50ml QLBG 075 1



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