Blood Gas Analyzer's

  • Quick ABG


    Quick ABG

    Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer

    • Results in 4 minutes
    • One test card 10 parameters
    • Wifi and Bluetooth enabled
    • Small Sample Size of 100 UL

    “ A Handheld Blood Analyzer that Delivers lab-quality diagnostic results in Minutes”.



    Testing can be performed in 3 simple steps on the patient’s side with only 2 or 3 drops of whole blood


    Get accurate results in 4 minutes at the patient’s side to enable rapid decision making, and optimize patient care


    Single-use test cards offer a broad menu of tests on a single, portable platform. Each test card has a unique combination of biosensors to suit a wide range of clinical needs


    Lightweight with a build-in battery allowing diagnosis at the point of care. patient side, out in the field or exam room

  • Ultra Smart – ABGE Analyzer


    **Applicable only for Indian Buyers:  Price shown in RUPEES is inclusive of GST 18% , You will get the GST bifurcated details in the Tax Invoice

    Sample Volume 100 μL (Capillary/Micro mode)
    Results with 1 Sample 27 different Result
    Sample Type Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, CSF & Diluted Urine
    Parameters Blood Gas: pH, PCO2, pO2, Hct
    Electrolytes: Na, K, Li, Cl, iCa
    Metabolites: LGU, LAC
    Calculated Parameter: Hb, HCO3, BE, BE-B, BE-ECF, TCO2, AG, AG(K), O2 Sat, O2 Ct, SBC, nCa, TCa, pO2%, A, AaDO2, a/A