Colony Counter Microprocessor based

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  1. Readout from 0-9999999 counts
  2. Counts Correction Facility
  3. Soft Touch Keypad
  4. Auto Marker pen
  5. Uniform Glare Free Illustration
  6. LCD display

Colony Counters are used to estimate a liquid culture’s density of micro organisms by counting individual colonies on an agar plate, slide, mini gel, petri dish. Typical application includes Ames testing, Bacterial Mutation, Assays and E.Coli bacterial colonies.

Colony Counters are used in various research laboratories including;

Life sciences, Cell and Molecular biology

Pharmaceutical Research

Environmental Testing

Academic Laboratories  and more


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Microprocessor based Colony Counter is an instrument used to count colonies of Bacterial or other micro organisms growing on a agar plate.

It is designed to conveniently count or assist Counting Colonies of micro organisms on a plate containing a gelled growth medium.

Microbial Counting is useful in the basic science and used to determine the number of bacteria present for Physiological or Biochemical studies.


  1. Max counts: 0-9999999
  2. Key board: Soft Touch Key
  3. Correction: Correction Count Facility available to cancel the unwanted counts
  4. Dish Size: 110mm
  5. Display: Alphanumeric 16x 2 LCD display with 7 Digit Counting
  6. Magnification: x 1.7 surface Magnification
  7. Weight: 2Kg
  8. Power: 230V/AC 50Hz

Standard Accessories: Marking Pen, Magnifying lens, Lens holder, Straight Rod, Instruction Manual

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 10 cm