Monocular Microscope – COAX10M

BIO-fantasy Series COAX 10M – Monocular Microscope designed especially for students and LAB Technicians.

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BIO-fantasy Series COAX 10B – Binocular Microscope designed especially for students and LAB Technicians. Slim and easy to carry solutions, it is equipped with all the basic controls of an optical microscope and all you need to start learning to use a specific instrument. 18mm field of view up to 1000x magnification, several options concerning stages, focusing, and condenser and illumination system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stand:  Stable & sturdy stand with well-contoured modular base, corrosion resistant, with a durable textured acid resistant finish.
  • Viewing Body: Monocular Inclined Tube, inclined at 450 rotatable through 3600 with smooth movement.
  • Eyepiece: Wide field eyepiece, 10x/18mm paired, Anti-fungus mould treated.
  • Nosepiece: Low friction & fully Par focal Quadruple Revolving nosepiece (Ball bearing type)
  • Objectives: Semi Plan Achromatic, par focal Objectives, anti-fungal mould treated 4x/NA 0.10, 10x/NA 0.25, 40x/NA 0.65 (spring loaded), 100x/NA 1.25 (spring loaded, Oil)
  • Stage: Double layer graduated mechanical rectangular stage size 142 x 133mm cross travel 54 x 76 mm on ball bearing co-axial controls spring clip double specimen holder
  • Coarse &:  COAXIAL coarse & fine focusing knobs for smooth focusing movement, tension control ring with stop safety arrangement. Ergonomically designed for easy grip
  • Condenser:  Moveable ABBE Condenser Centerable, NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm special day light blue filter in holder
  • Illumination: Built-in halogen lamp, 6V-20W, with intensity control regulator for luminous field, with Plano-concave mirror..
  • Power: Universal Power Supply 100-240 V AC 50Hz with electrical safety certified
  • Packaging: Packed in molded Styrofoam box with:
  • Operation Manual, Dust Cover and Immersion Oil
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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 40 cm

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